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40mm, Steel on Leather strap

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Embark on a Journey to the Underworld with the EternalProject Legends of Hades

Delve into the depths of timeless elegance and mythical allure with our exclusive EternalProject Legends of Hades timepiece.

Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Greek mythology as the EternalProject Legends of Hades takes center stage, embodying the mysterious and powerful spirit of the god of the underworld. This exceptional watch is a harmonious blend of ancient tales and contemporary design, capturing the essence of a mythical saga.

Precision craftsmanship meets artistic brilliance with the Swiss-made mechanism that powers this extraordinary timepiece. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass not only ensures enduring clarity but also allows you to peer into the intricate details of this mythical creation.

Navigate the darkness with Super Luminous indexes and hands, providing unparalleled readability in any setting. Encased in 316L stainless steel, the watch is not just a symbol of strength but a testament to modern style, seamlessly complementing your individuality.

Indulge in comfort and luxury with the premium full grain cowhide leather strap, fastened securely with a butterfly clasp. The EternalProject Legends of Hades is more than a watch; it is an emblem of refinement for those who appreciate life's deeper narratives.

Experience the perfect fusion of ancient allure and contemporary design. This exceptional timepiece is not just a watch; it's an homage to the enigmatic tales of Hades. Witness the seamless integration of Greek mythology and cutting-edge design. Elevate your style, embrace the legends, and let each moment be an eternal odyssey.

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God of the Underworld

Hades is the god of the underworld in Greek mythology. He is also the god of prosperity. In popular culture, his realm is depicted as the dark underworld, where souls suffer in the afterlife. As the ruler of Hades and watcher over the dead, he is usually shown as a stoic, grim individual holding a key or scepter. He was more than a god to the ancients; he was the ruler of the hereafter and guide to the afterlife itself. He was also venerated as the god of wealth because of the common idea that he controlled the large quantities of gold, silver, and valuable stones buried beneath the earth's surface. Because of this, he came to represent wealth in its many aspects, not just money but also knowledge and power. He was not feared for being evil, but rather as a righteous and austere king who maintained order in the afterlife. Those who lived heroic or virtuous lives were allowed into the Elysian Fields, where they would experience eternal bliss, while the wicked were cast into the depths of Tartarus.

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    Caliber: RONDA powertech 515

    Movement Origin: Swiss Made

    Movement: Analog quartz

    Function: Date, 3 hands

    Jewel: 1 jewel / nickel plated

    Instantaneous rate: -10/ +20 sec/month

    Resistance to magnetic fields: 18.8 Oe

    Resistance against shock: ISO 1413 (NIHS 91-10)

    Battery type / voltage: 371 / 1.5 V

    Standard Battery Life: 45 months


    Product Weight (approx.): 72 g

    Watch-head Weight (approx.): 50 g

    Diameter: 40 mm

    Thickness: 9.6 mm

    Lug width (in-between lug): 20 mm

  • CASE

    Case material: Stainless steel 316L

    Caseback: With screws, oil press, stainless steel 316L

    Water resistance: 5 bars ( 50 metres / 164 feet)

    Crown: Screw-locked

    Crystal: Scratch‑resistant sapphire, anti‑reflective treatment


    Strap type: Leather strap

    Strap material: Full grain cowhide leather

    Strap size: 20 mm

    Buckle type: Butterfly clasp

    Buckle material: Stainless steel 316L

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