Define Luxury with Simplicity

Luxury watches are high-end timepieces that are constructed by hand from the highest quality materials and components utilizing time-honored watchmaking methods. Precious metals like gold, platinum, and high-grade stainless steel are routinely used in their construction, and they also typically have high-quality internal components.

The complexity and shine of the watch's construction also play a role in establishing its premium status; some firms even produce multiple iterations of the same model with varying degrees of detail. These watches are prestige symbols because of their durability, sophistication, and dependability.


Join Forces with Professional Players

We've developed a fruitful partnership with one of the world's leading manufacturers of luxury timepieces. Their brand is instantly recognized as representing high-quality watches of varying designs and functions. They have perfected both quartz and mechanical timepieces. A worldwide reputation for excellence has helped our manufacturing partner thrive.


Maintaining the Utmost Accuracy and Quality

Our contract manufacturer is a genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with factory facilities of their own. Over two hundred design, R&D, engineering, quality control, and assembly experts toil away in a dust-free 100,000 square foot space. To ensure that all of the workshops and warehouses continue to meet the highest standards, climate control and air filtration systems are installed. The company's internal operations allow for stringent quality checks to ensure that each DWC ETERNITY watch is constructed to last.


Strict Quality Control at Every Stage

Our manufacturing partner was chosen because of its commitment to the "zero defect" principle, which is consistent with our own company's pursuit of perfection. All parts of the production process are inspected at regular intervals to guarantee high quality. The mechanisms, dimensions, and aesthetics of the watch components are assessed using cutting-edge technology, such as ultraviolet, abrasion, and force testing. To maintain their "zero defect" guarantee, they've instituted a total quality management system (TQM).


Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and the Environment

We count it a great privilege to work with groups that have a genuine interest in helping people and the world. Our production partner is ecologically conscious and has implemented measures to reduce waste and pollution. In order to make the most of the garbage they accumulate, they have also implemented a recycling program. It is important to the organization that its employees are healthy, safe, and happy. Their compliance with industry standards, such as those established by the International Labour Organization and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, has been independently audited by amfori BSCI, and they have received certification as a result.