Illustration Artist - Selphie Jhuang

In the field of illustration, Selphie Jhuang is widely regarded as a pioneer for his groundbreaking creativity and meticulous craftsmanship. His role as our lead illustrator sees him produce art that is both complex and emotive, allowing the brand's high-end watches to shine through. His artwork is lauded for its symphony of style and perfection, which gives off an unearthly beauty.


Meet Selphie

Hi, my name is Selphie Jhuang. I was born in 1982 in Yilan, Taiwan, and graduated from Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School, one of Taiwan's top art schools. I began as a horror and romance novel illustrator, but now I primarily focus on fantasy and sci-fi illustration designs and mural creations. In my science fiction models, I enjoy incorporating dark and imaginative characters and themes.

Art is about everything in life, about enjoying the never-ending learning of the everyday. It's not just about achieving some lofty goal or looking pretty or ugly. I imagine myself as a draft of tragedy, absorbing raw memories of life's painful journey and expressing them through sentences filled with sorrow and hardship. But, through it all, I've realized that being alone can be a peaceful experience.

Sometimes all it takes is a simple pencil line or a blank expressionless face to convey my artistic inspiration. Even when confronted with the unknown, I must remain curious and willing to give it a shot. I can tap into a corner of someone else's life after going through the process of purifying and refining my emotions. Everything comes together in a circle, like the earth and the moon, and the inspiration is both real and mysterious, coming from the mundane.


Awards & Recognition

2012 "The 6th BANQ True, Good, and Beautiful Award for Illustration and Creative Writing" - Finalist
2017 "Bounty Hunter Prize Illustrator and Illustration" - Finalist
2019 "Alice Gear Aegis - Character Design" - Champion
2019 "Osaka IYN Gallery - Those Illuminated by the Moonlight" - Exhibition in the Moonlight Exhibition
2022 "dpi Illustration Award - Daily Non-Daily" - Finalist

2015 "Japan - Shouya - FAGU Frame Arms Girl Universe" - Honorable Mention
2017 "Taiwan Model Show - Freedom CUP" - Science Fiction Runner-Up
2018 "Taiwan Model Show - Freedom CUP" - Overall Champion
2019 "Hungary Moson Model Show" - Science Fiction Gold Medal
2019 "Madworks-Super Model Show" - Science Fiction Champion
2020 "UK O.M.C - Original Mecha Contest" - 4th Place in Science Fiction

---Judge Experience---
2019 "Taiwan Model Show - Freedom CUP" - Science Fiction Judge
2020 "Taiwan Model Show - Freedom CUP" - Assistant Chief Judge
2021 "AV x MAD -Super Model Show" - Science Fiction Judge
2022 "Taiwan Model Show - Freedom CUP" - Creation Group Judge
2022 "AV x MAD -Super Model Show" - Science Fiction Judge
2022 "France ROG CONTEST - Custom Mecha custom" - Paris Science Fiction Judge
2023 "Malaysia International Miniature Hobby Show" - Science Fiction Judge