Chapter 6: The EternalProject - DWC ETERNITY

Chapter 6: The EternalProject

Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades forged the EternalProject, a powerful enchanted relic, to guard the Book of Eternity's secrets. Its primary purpose was to keep them safe from the Titans' adherents while also keeping track of the people they trusted to guard the book.

The EternalProject looked like a high-end timepiece you'd find at a specialty store. The watch was engraved with the text of the Book of Eternity on its back. The color of the watch changed depending on the elements that provided the power, since it had been imbued with some of the divine energy of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.

Zeus put some of his thunder and lightning abilities behind sealed doors in the EternalProject. Zeus's might instantly transformed the EternalProject into a rose gold-colored timepiece with a silver face and a brown leather strap. Certain humans were hand-picked by Zeus to wear the EternalProject, and in exchange for their devotion, Zeus granted them superhuman strength.

Poseidon also put some of his authority behind sealed doors with the EternalProject. With Poseidon's help, the EternalProject transformed into a silver watch with a blue face and a blue leather band. Poseidon blessed the mortals who wore the EternalProject with his power, and they became smarter and stronger simply by taking water into their bodies.

After Hades shut some of his power away in the EternalProject, it transformed into a silver watch with a silver dial and a dark black leather strap. Those mortals who were selected to wear the Eternal Project imbued with Hades' power experienced an uptick in their economic acumen and prosperity as a result of Hades' blessing.

The Olympians sent the EternalProject watches to a small group of humans they knew they could trust with the Book of Eternity secrets. These humans were entrusted with the mysteries of the Oracle and given the power of the Olympians. To make sure the location of the EternalProject remained hidden, the Olympians tracked its mortal owners and watched their every move.

The EternalProject watches not only tracked the location of the book but also warned the Olympians if a mortal or immortal came too close to it. The watches would flash a different color and make a loud noise to get the attention of the Olympians.



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