Chapter 7: The Search Begins - DWC ETERNITY

Chapter 7: The Search Begins

The mortal realm became increasingly aware of the Book of Eternity and its incredible power as time went on. Motivated by ambitions of greatness and immortality, many people started looking for the book. Both human and divine beings were among these explorers, and they all had their own reasons for looking.

People who were most determined to find the book were Titans loyalists, who wanted to free Cronos and return the Titans to their former glory. They tried every trick in the book, including lying and manipulation, to find it. They even infiltrated people's REM sleep to force them to continue their hunt for the book.

The Olympians were aware of the efforts of the Titans' loyalists and were resolved to put an end to them. They kept the book hidden and safe, and they watched the searchers intently. The EternalProject watches were also intended to keep tabs on reliable individuals who could safeguard the book and to safeguard the group against Titans loyalists.

The quest for the book went on, despite the Olympians' best efforts. There have been several attempts over the centuries to find it, but the Olympians have always managed to keep it secret. The Olympians had to be particularly careful not to draw attention to themselves because some of the search parties were comprised of influential people and groups.

The Olympians were certain that the book would be located as the search for it gained momentum. They were determined to keep the book hidden at all costs, so they knew they had to be ready for the day it was found.

A continual struggle for the Olympians was their pursuit of the Book of Eternity. Many people, motivated by the pursuit of power and immortality, continued to look for it despite their efforts to hide and safeguard it. The Titans' supporters persisted in their quest with dogged determination, using every available resource to learn more about the base's whereabouts. Even though the Olympians were aware of the Titans loyalists' efforts and were set on stopping them, they also knew that someone would eventually discover the book. Once the time came, they were ready to do whatever it took to safeguard it.



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