Chapter 9: The Battle - DWC ETERNITY

Chapter 9: The Battle

The Titans' supporters were already hellbent on freeing Cronos, but their resolve further hardened after they found the Book of Eternity. They were ready to go to battle to obtain the book, knowing that the Olympians would do everything in their power to hide and protect it.

The Titans' supporters started rounding up additional immortals and even some humans to join their cause. They persisted in using trickery and deceit to learn the book's whereabouts.

Knowing that a conflict with Titans loyalists was imminent, the Olympians began to make preparations. They reached out to their friends among the divine and beseeched them to aid in guarding the book. In addition, they started using the EternalProject watch to instill some of their power into regular mortals so that they could teach more people to become guardians of the book.

Extreme violence marked the struggle for possession of the Book of Eternity. The Olympians and their allies were adamant about keeping the book out of enemy hands, while the Titans' supporters were dead set on freeing Cronos and gaining access to the book's power. There were many epic fights fought between the two sides, all for the sake of obtaining the book.

The Olympians and their allies were able to keep the book hidden and safe despite the efforts of Titans supporters. The Titans' supporters were vanquished in the end, but the book was kept secret.

The Titans' true believers fought fiercely against the Olympians because they wanted to free Cronos and get access to the Book of Eternity's power. The Olympians and their allies were able to successfully conceal and hide the book from the Titans' loyalists, who were desperate to get their hands on it. The Titans' supporters were vanquished, and the book remained in its secret location, where it could do no harm to anyone who desired to exploit its power.



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