Press Release @ LUXlife Magazine

Press Release @ LUXlife Magazine

(Staffordshire, England - February 5th) Established in 2022, DWC ETERNITY is a luxury watch brand dedicated to the philosophy of timelessness. Each exquisite timepiece is designed to capture the idea of eternity with an enchanting blend of simplicity and true elegance. As a young boy, Founder Davidian Chen became fascinated by his grandfather’s golden wristwatch. Years later, unable to find a watch that captured the magic of his grandfather’s timepiece, Davidian designed his own version called DWC ETERNITY. The Davidian Watch Company is not just a brand, but a celebration of classic craftsmanship that stands the test of time. For its elegant designs, we have bestowed on DWC ETERNITY a Style and Apparel Award.

At DWC ETERNITY, every beautiful timepiece embodies Davidian’s motto that ‘Simplicity cultivates true elegance’. It is his belief that simplicity is not about superficial details but about exceptional and timeless craftsmanship. DWC ETERNITY's mission is to build a brand that is characterised by its high standards of quality and refinement. With exclusive designs crafted with care and precision, every dress watch is created to remind customers of life’s precious moments. For all these reasons and more, DWC ETERNITY is a truly distinctive watch brand, beloved by many esteemed patrons.

Davidian’s vision for DWC ETERNITY began when he was a young boy enchanted by his grandfather’s gold wristwatch. The magnificent timepiece came to represent his ambitions and dreams for the future. Many years later, Davidian became a successful entrepreneur but within him remained that childhood fascination with the golden wristwatch. He searched tirelessly for a watch that captured the magic of his grandfather’s timepiece, but nothing compared to the cherished memory. Inspired by this dream, Davidian designed the DWC ETERNITY, a luxury watch that blended elegance and simplicity into one ageless creation.

In 2023, DWC ETERNITY announced the EternalProject Collection, which invited customers to travel back in time to the era of Ancient Greece. For many years, Greek mythology has captivated mankind, and from its tales of gods, heroes, and men, the EternalProject has drawn its inspiration. With three sleek designs, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, the EternalProject is a testament to the skilled artistry and craftsmanship of DWC ETERNITY.

The timeless masterpieces boast a Swiss-made mechanism that ensures longevity and unrivalled accuracy. Its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass provides a clear view of the stunning timepieces. With 316L stainless steel cases and full grain cowhide leather straps, the timepieces prioritise durability, comfort, and a clean, contemporary design. The EternalProject Collection offers more than just a watch with statement pieces that embody style, class, and the epitome of Greek mythology. In 2023, the collection was shortlisted for the Design Concept’s Red Dot Award and was the winner of both a NY Product Design Award (Silver Winner) and a London Design Award (Gold Winner).

While many watch brands produce all kinds of timepieces, DWC ETERNITY focuses on designing and perfecting luxury dress watches. By concentrating its efforts on dress watches, the brand fulfils its commitment to excellence with high-quality products designed to stand the test of time. For Davidian, an ideal timepiece features an understated design and simple forms that outlast passing trends and emphasise lifelong elegance. The brand’s minimalist designs celebrate the magic of less while never sacrificing luxury.

On the design process, Davidian shares, “It first begins with meticulous research, where we thoroughly understand the project requirements and context. Then there's the ideation phase, wherein we generate a multitude of ideas and concepts. After that, these ideas are visualised either on paper or digitally during sketching or drafting. This is followed by refinement where we select a concept and meticulously polish it until its best form emerges. Once refined, prototyping begins; this is when we create a working model of the design. At the testing stage, we evaluate the design's effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments based on the feedback received. Lastly, with everything finalised and optimised to perfection, delivery takes place as we prepare for implementation of our fully realised design.”

Davidian is passionate about incorporating Taiwan’s cultural heritage into DWC ETERNITY’s design process. The country’s rich culture and unique aesthetics foster creativity and are a source of inspiration for the company’s exquisite designs. At DWC ETERNITY, the team strives to integrate traditional Taiwanese elements into every aspect of a watch from the overall design to the finer details. This approach to the design process creates stunning products that aim to share Taiwanese culture with local and global audiences.

DWC ETERNITY employs a flat organisational structure which promotes staff involvement and encourages open communication. As a learning organisation, the company treats employees as assets and provides them with opportunities for personal and professional development. DWC ETERNITY invests in education for its team to improve their skills and knowledge and help them excel in their current positions. Davidian’s own role within the company is multi-faceted, involving product design decision-making, overall brand direction, customer experience enhancement, and managing international distribution processes.
Looking to the future, DWC ETERNITY has several exciting initiatives to come, including future collaborations. Following the success of the EternalProject Collection, Davidian cannot wait to deliver more exceptional, high-quality designs through the subtlety of understatement. DWC ETERNITY specialises in outstanding luxury dress watches designed to capture the idea of timelessness by celebrating eternity. We are excited to see what comes next for this award-winning brand. For its captivating craftsmanship and unrivalled creativity, we have achieved DWC ETERNITY with our award for Best Dress Watch Company – Taiwan. For more information on upcoming releases, please follow DWC ETERNITY on Instagram @dwceternity and stay tuned.